2016 Elan Bloom Junior Boot

Article number: ELAN-BLOOM-2016-BLOOM 1-18.5
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Following the concept that an improved flexibility improves the ease of learning, the U-Flex technology was implemented also for ski boots in order to offer to the market a complete package skis + boots that allow this objectve. The new boot flexes follow

The New Elan U-Flex boot allows the boot to flex helping the natural movement of the kids fingers and follows easily the ski flex also because of the front sole movement. The boot’s sole moves together with the flex of the boot allowing the best flexibility. The possibility to flex the boot and to move the fingers inside combined with the high quality of the materials used for the liners allow to keep the kids feet really warm and comfortable With the volume control plate one ski boot size covers 3 foot sizes. The boot is provided with an inside plate that depending from the side it is placed it modifies the inside volume and sizes.
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