2016 Elan Sling Shot

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Article number: ELAN-SLINGSHOT-2016-CAMO-176
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The Slingshot is a lean mean freestyle machine. With JibRocker for a loosened up on-snow feel, and Monoblock construction with a Laminated Woodcore and fiberglass reinforcement for response and extra durability, the Slingshot is built for riders who want

PROFILE JIB Rocker TECHNOLOGY Monoblock, Laminated Woodcore, Fibreglass GEOMETRY 114/82/109, 115/83/110, 116/84/111, 117/85/112, 118/86/113, 119/87/114 LENGTH / RADIUS 149(11.9), 156(12.9), 161(14.0), 166(15.2), 171(16.3), 176(17.5)
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