Airhole Airtube Featherlite

Article number: AHA2FT-Black-O/S
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Our ergonomic Airtube takes our traditional silhouette and contours it to the face to provide the best possible comfort.

This shape matches perfectly with your goggles to seal out the elements to keep you protected. Featherlite fabric uses a seamless construction that has superior moisture wicking properties and a comfortable, one size fits all stretch design. Favoured by our pro athletes due to its lightweight, form fitting, quick drying design, Featherlite is ideal for all conditions from cooler backcountry trips to hot park laps. Our Airtube Ergo Featherlite masks feature our original silicone Airhole which is direct injected onto the fabric, bonding to the front and back to provide a comfortable, hygienic and easy to clean finish.
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