Arcade -The Strand

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Arcade -The Strand Belt

The Original Adventure Belt: If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take three things with you what would it be? We vote for water, chapstick and the Strand adventure belt. In all honestly the belt would come is handy, it can be used as a slingshot to knock down coconuts and take out small food choices. If you are like MacGyver you could easily turn it into a spear gun, but the biggest win of all is that it will keep your pants where they belong, even long after they have become tattered. The first ever belt designed for all your adventures. Built to move, to use and abuse and to be comfortable through any activity. Stretchy comfort. Non-Slip Buckle. Out of the way Low-Profile Design. Weather-Proof Materials. Specs: Full stretch. Slim Polymer Buckle. Sizing: 1.5" belt width. One size fits most. 41" Max Size
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