ARVA axis prow

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Equipped with the latest ARVA technology, the PRO-W is the most complete product on the market. With a secondary frequency, an analog mode, an auto-revert system in the case of a secondary avalanche, and multiple victim marking and selecting, The PRO-W is

STANDBY FUNCTION The STANDBY function can be used if you are in an avalanche situation as a rescuer but you’re not searching with your beacon because you are probing, shoveling, or communicating with rescuers. In any of these situations, you can’t be in emission mode and disturb the searching process, and search mode will bring more noise and confusion. By activating the stand by function, the PRO-W can still switch to emission mode in case you’re not moving (2nd avalanche). W-LINK INFORMATION W-link is an exchange protocol that confirms and supplements the information carried by the 457 kHz international standard signal. This new protocol, which operates on the 868 mHz W-Link frequency : • Resolves complex multiple burial situations where standard- frequency transmit/receive reaches its limits. • Allows a more reliable estimation of the number of burials. • Lets user mark/unmark victims precisely. • Lets you choose the victim you search for first (based on the search scenario: the nearest victim may not necessarily the easiest to access; the search is not based on the identity of the victim, since this information is not provided). Battery check & Frequencies YES Group check YES Automatic return to sending mode YES Analog YES Stand by mode YES U-turn Alarm YES Transmitter / Receiver: International Frequency (kHz) 457 Transmitter / Receiver: W-Link frequency (mHz) 868 Antennas 3 Maximum range (in meters) 70 2 search modes: Novice, Expert YES Transmitting autonomy (in hours) 250 Weight (grams) 260 Function marking victims YES Digital YES Searching autonomy (in hours) 40 Number of victims 5+ Earphones plug YES 5 years warranty YES Search bandwidth 50 Backlight screen YES Software update YES Scrolling function YES Compass YES
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