2016 Elan Bloodline Mogul Skis

Article number: ELAN-BLOODLINE-2016-CAMO-170
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The Elan Bloodline are mogul skis, developed in close cooperation with professional riders aspiring to snatch top podium places. Designed for mogul riders of every ability level, these marvels will pass between different bumps or moguls, are soft to mediu

TECHNOLOGY RST sidewall, Laminated Woodcore, Fibreglass GEOMETRY 84/63/71, 86/63/73, 88/63/75, 89/63/77, 90/64/80 LENGTH / RADIUS 125(20.3), 141(23.6), 158(26.1), 170(30.0), 181(31.2), 191(33.6)
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