Fischer Attack 16 w/88mm Brake

Article number: FIT16313
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When you're cranked up to twelve on your bindings, and you need that extra little something to send you over the edge without a full-on cat out of the bag yard sale type situation on the landing, where do you go? Nowhere, unless you have a pair of Fischer Attack 16 Ski Bindings. With DIN values capable of cranking into overdrive at a max of 16, these burly binders are built for the skier looking to huck some big lines, and stomp them clean without pre-releasing at the worst possible time. In order to keep your knees intact, the toe has a 180° release that will react to compression from almost all directions. Four rollers in the toe optimize the flexibility between the boot and binding, as well as the release characteristics. The uniquely designed AFS (Anti-friction Slider) ensures your safety at the toe, while providing better stability both laterally and horizontally. Meanwhile, the race heel holds down the rhythm with a powerful connection when you're arcing turns back to the base for another lap on the tram. 5-16 DIN 17mm stand height FR Pro toe with 180° release AFD metal gliding element Anti Friction Slider Race heel
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