Liberty Origin 116

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The Origin116 is back and even better with the addition of carbon. The Speedcore Carbon core with a carefully matched multi-radius sidecut and rocker mean that the Origin 116 is quick and easy turning, but still holds an edge on the harder stuff.

BOMB ROCKER Features full tip and tail rocker with positive camber underfoot for maximum flotation and playful feel. SPEEDCORE CARBON The feel of our bamboo and poplar speedcore plus carbon fiber for more power without the weight. BAMBOO Hand-made bamboo and wood laminate cores are strong, light, and eco-friendly. Every Liberty ski begins with energetic and durable bamboo as the foundation for long-lasting performance. DURATHANE A polyurethane bumper to smooth out the ride and protect the topsheet against chipping. CARBON FIBER Increases energy return and reinforces core while reducing weight. QUADAXIAL FIBERGLASS Custom E-glass creates torsional rigidity while allowing longitudinal flex for easy turn initiation . METAL EDGE German HRC 48 steel edges with extra large anchors for durability and heat dissipation. SINTERED P-TEX BASE UHMW PE bases are durable and porous to absorb wax and stay fast.
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