Switchback Grey Base- Small

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Jaeger Bailey 2015 Jaeger mainly rides street and park, dropping crazy tricks all over the place. So this freestyle binding comes with the Midback highback, which provides more than enough support and its shorter height allows even more freedom to move! Jaeger rocks a wide stance, so the Canted Footpad was the natural choice since the pads are angled slightly to reduce the stress on your knees while still providing great cushioning. Jaeger chose Miller Straps for his bindings because they fit extremely closely to his boots, making them super comfortable. Features: + Midback: The shorter version of the ST Highback works for any riding where extra heel edge support is not needed, especially street and park jibbing. + Miller Strap: the new strap provides a very secure hold, but remains very flexible + C Pad: The Canted Pads are angled so that the inside of each foot is lower than the outside edge, so riding with wider stances is more comfortable + Noback insert: you can replace the highback with the Noback insert for a surfy feeling
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