Bruce Judd

Nick Name::Bruce the Moose, Bruski, Bruno….


Hometown::Pincher Creek

Home Mountain::Castle Mountain

Top 3 competition results to date::
1 Canadian Grand Prix Campion 2005
2 6th Mount Gabriel nor am 2007 single moguls
3 1st Jr Nationals half pipe 2003

Sponsors::Mountain Cultures, Eria, Castle Custom Trucks, Double Diamond Boot fitting,

Park?, Big Mountain?, Moguls? Snowblade? What do you do::I love to ski everything. Competed in moguls,half pipe and big air. Snow balding not sure about yet, haven't tried it.

Favourite tricks::540 Blunt

Favourite Mountain::Castle Mountain

Who do you session with the most::Matthew Judd, Justin Toney,Chance Jensen, Jordan Sinnott, Mike Henitiuk, Matt Cox

Favourite saying::Yo win some you lose some and you are what you eat.

Plans for the season::Have as much fun as possible with friends wile riding. Capture the best parts of it on video. Make a Movie!!. Check my stuff out on instagram @Skiingbruce, Facebook at juddbro'sfilms. Cheers

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself::I am a Journeyman Millwright or for those of you who don’t know what that is, a industrial Mechanic.

Bruce Judd Self Edit from Bruce Judd on Vimeo.

With The Flow Teaser from Bruce Judd on Vimeo.

With The Flow part 4 Bruce Judd from Bruce Judd on Vimeo.